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Letter: No friend to women

I am astounded that every woman in this country is not outraged at the new Republican “vision” of submission of women through control of abortion issues and pay equality. If Romney gets his way, we will be controlled by a bunch of conservative old white men. Romney has clearly stated that he will “veto Roe v Wade.” Women will lose their choice of abortion for unwanted pregnancy; this includes pregnancy through rape or incest. Only and only if the mother’s life is in danger would abortion be considered. Women NEED to understand the seriousness of this issue. Planned Parenthood which supports not just abortion, but birth control, screenings for cervical cancer and mammograms will be put on the chopping block. Romney has publicly endorsed Indiana Senate Republican candidate Richard Mourdock, who stated “When a woman becomes pregnant during a rape that’s something that is God’s will.” He believes that this is a “gift from God.” This is outrageous at best. Romney will do and say anything to win. The latest scheme of voter suppression besides the tired old “need for an ID card to vote” is now joined by mailings to households around the country with Nov. 6 as the voting date in English and Nov. 8 in Spanish. This attack can only be turned back by active and insightful voting by all women.



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