Farm aid

Brief thoughts on some of the events making news in Franklin County and the North Quabbin area:

Dateline the county: It’s good news that a local farm agency has received grant money to help farms with energy issues, such as reducing their energy dependence, curbing their greenhouse gas emissions and finding alternative energy systems. The grant will allow Berkshire-Pioneer Resource Conservation Development Area Inc, to push forward with its work in Franklin County in finding energy savings and improvements. This has to be considered good, not just for the farms, but the communities they serve.

Dateline Greenfield: Congratulations to Elena Pirozhkova on winning the FILA Women’s World Championships in women’s freestyle wrestling. This victory follows the former Greenfield resident’s appearance at the Olympics and is said to be one of the first steps necessary to climb back into the Olympic ring in 2016. It not only shows Priozhkova’s determination but also the sort of grit that is necessary to successfully compete on the world stage.

Dateline Northfield: While residents have been caught up with the news regarding Grand Canyon University becoming the tenant for former Northfield Mount Hermon campus, another educational outfit is planning to join the community. Redemption Christian Academy out of Troy, N.Y., has announced its plans to move its boarding school to the campus that housed the Linden Hill School, which closed up shop in June. That a new owner is on the way so quickly has to be seen as a positive, given the need for upkeep. As Selectboard Chairman Kathy Wright said about the news, “From what I know about the school, I feel they would be a great addition to Northfield. And the campus is certainly too beautiful to lie empty.” We agree.

Dateline the region: We doubt there are many Red Sox fans who were unhappy to see this particular season come to an end. Even those years where the team didn’t advance far into October and post-season play doesn’t compare to the disappointment associated with the 2012 Red Sox. But just because the season is over — mercifully — for Boston doesn’t mean that people won’t be watching to see how management addresses the issues and tries to make this a one-year aberration. We of Red Sox Nation wish them well.

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