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As a nurse of 33 years ... here is a novel idea. If you don’t want to pay overtime, then don’t ask or expect us to do it. Few of us want to stay beyond our scheduled shift. Often we stay at administration’s request because we know our co-workers and patients need us. Overtime is only paid when a nurse is “called in” after being on call, holidays or if you stay over your scheduled hours for that day. We do not get overtime for meetings, educational and committee work. Adequate staff to facilitate a schedule without vacancies would diminish overtime requests.

It is unclear to me why it is not a conflict of interest that the only insurance we are offered now is directly financially connected to Baystate Health Systems. Really, is it even remotely fair that one group of your employees would pay more for the same coverage?

I know staff sick calls are a manager’s nightmare. Perhaps we need to examine patterns and find some common ground. Are nurses calling in sick because they are filling in extra shifts? Working overtime? This is a frustrating issue for all of us. We can work to design a better system to cover these shifts.

I come to work and try every day to do my job to the best of my ability. I do not function alone. I work with a family of competent, caring, hardworking and dedicated people. Trying to break up this Franklin family does not serve our patients and community well. In over 30 years, I am still working with a significant number of the same frontline personnel that I began my career with. I have seen administration change with the wind. We are the ones still here working and caring for our friends, families and the community.

Our negotiating team is made up of long-term, highly respected and committed nurses. We recently all reviewed a presentation on appreciating and celebrating diversity in the Baystate Health System. How is it that our union cannot be respected and accepted as part of our culture here?



Baystate Franklin Medical Center

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