Letter: Made in the USA

At one time, I didn’t think about looking at the labels on things that stated where they were made. I just figured they were made in America. Well, folks, can anyone tell me where I can find clothes made in America?

Ah! You are going to say everything is made in China nowadays. Well, let me tell you. You would be only a little bit right. I have found a few things that say made in China but many others that say, are you read? Guatemala, Pakistan, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Cambodia, Taiwan, Philippines, Haiti, Vietnam. One shirt said designed in USA and made in Taiwan. My Navy veteran’s shirt says made in the Dominican Republic. What’s with that? We veterans are good enough to give our time to serve our country, some gave their lives, while many risked theirs and we don’t deserve shirts made in the USA? One of my skirts says made in USA of imported fabric. I’ll be darn if I can remember where I bought it. At least it was made here. My “In God we trust one country under God” shirt is made in Haiti; my M&M shirt is made in Mexico. Well, it is at least on the same continent.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for helping others but not at the expense of our own. Charity begins at home. If they were taking their production to those other countries to help the people over there, it would be one thing, but they aren’t, they are taking them over there because it is cheaper than paying Americans to make the very same thing because our country has fought to give fair wages and working conditions for our citizens unlike other countries.

I have been checking all those catalogs that show up in my mailbox and they say imported. If anyone knows where I can buy American-made clothing that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, please write a letter to the editor and tell all of us readers where that would be. And no, L.L. Bean has imported at the end of the descriptions also. Yes, I know, I can make my own clothes, but I am too lazy. Did that, been there, don’t want to do it anymore. Besides the material, thread, buttons and patterns probably weren’t made in America, either. Thanks.



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