Letter: Ashfield unfairness?

Re: Unfair practices by Ashfield Selectboard — blaming others:

I find it more than an unethical practice by the Ashfield Selectboard to blame others when it’s by their own hand (their decisions) to spend funds unnecessarily.

At the meeting of July 14, the Selectboard blamed their failure to abide by Massachusetts General Laws on others. It’s a choice to either go to the Attorney General’s Office to get the information for free, but their choice is to hire an attorney which is a cost to the taxpayer. Hiring the town counsel for OML violations and disregarding a Public Document Request creates unnecessary legal fees.

In regards to the Public Records Requests, no one has to be hired. Staff should contact other towns in Franklin County for assistance, as those towns are businesslike, professional and provide requests in a timely manner with reasonable fees, and without any drama or unfounded accusations.

To continually consult with an attorney when the violations can be simply repaired is a poor fiscal/management decision. The fact is, the violations are easy repairs that many other towns undertake all the time. They send a letter addressing the issue, repair the violation, and state the board will not do it again. Case closed and it does not cost the town any money.



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