Letter: Saying ‘no’ to pipeline

Thank you to the organizations that have recently held informative sessions at GCC regarding the proposed natural gas pipeline. I strongly encourage everyone to become informed about the plans of the Kinder Morgan company (owned by the former Enron CEO) so that we can collectively say “NO” to this incursion through the farmlands, open space and protected lands of rural Franklin County. For starters, visit http://www.sierraclubmass.org, www.clf.org/intothinair and www.nofrackedgassinmass.org.

Building new infrastructure is necessary ONLY for the profits of the corporations. The existing antiquated network that delivers natural gas to homes is so riddled with leaks that Massachusetts ratepayers have paid over $1.5 billion for natural gas that never made it to their homes. These “fugitive emissions” are releasing methane — a greenhouse gas more than 30 times more destructive than carbon dioxide.

Ratepayers will pay for the costs of this pipeline through a tariff on our electric bill, but the fuel could be headed for export. Reports say our natural gas prices will rise. In addition to the disruption the wide swath of pipeline will cause, there is also NO guarantee against undetected releases of methane to our irreplaceable groundwater.

Look around — we have made huge strides in establishing distributed solar energy. Photovoltaics have become much less expensive. According to Al Gore in the current issue of Rolling Stone magazine, even India and China are recognizing that renewables are a better investment than fossil fuels. Please join me in urging our governor, our legislators and our communities to say NO to new pipelines.


South Deerfield

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