Letter: Native Americans

These alleged Native American burial sites that Diane Dix (My Turn; May 13) is prone to protect are occupied by Indian Native Americans. They were called Indians by Columbus because he thought this land was part of Asia. There are two accepted definitions of the phrase “Native American.” The first is: “a person born in the United States” and next: “a member of any of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. I am a Native American WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant). My ancestors came here to flee religious persecution from merry old England.

Diane Dix once believed Turners Falls was a cursed place where Native American (Indians) were inadvertently slaughtered by one Capt. William Turner. Doesshe really believe that that happened in a vacuum? Liberals love to pick their crusades based upon whatever half of the truth that supports their politics (you know, Americans are guilty of attempted Japanese genocide as if Pearl Harbor never happened).

The truth is that many Native Americans of many colors and creeds lie beneath the grass in Franklin County. Giving one Native American precedence over another based upon skin color is racism — isn’t it? Where were these liberals when the Quabbin was created?

Be consistent. Better still, stick to the whole truth, for in it is wisdom waiting to spring forth. Burial ground ordinances such as this one are spawned from liberal racism and bigoted ignorance. Your Reconciliation Ceremony of 2004 should be enough.



Regular readers will know Mr. Grant for his lack of historical knowledge, but It may also be that no few Americans have internalized the myth of Pilgrims fleeing religious persecution. In point of fact, they did flee persecution in England, but they went to the Netherlands. It was religious intolerance that decided them to flee to America, not persecution, as they thought their youth were being led astray by easy access to divergent points of view and the inability to dictate right thought in that country.

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