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Letter: Our precious water

March 22 is International Water Day.

Recently, when toxic minerals spilled into the municipal water supplies in West Virginia, people were told to avoid using water for anything except to flush toilets. Suddenly unable to take their daily showers, and having to wash dishes, brush their teeth and bathe with bottled or rain water, folks sat up and took notice. One man was quoted as saying: “So that’s why water matters!”

Yes. That’s why water matters.

Imagine living in a place where the only water you can access is from a bottle, a filthy river or a muddy well.

Here, we live as if water were the most abundant substance on earth. And it is. But only a tiny fraction of that water is drinkable.

Yet, we water poisoned lawns. We run faucets while brushing our teeth. We shower daily, sometimes two or three times. We flush toilets to get rid of a cigarette. We run nearly empty washing machines. We eat meat daily, even though raising meat animals uses enormous amounts of water.

The epic drought in the West has caused avocados to become so scarce and expensive that Chipotle restaurants suggest they may have to stop serving them. The price of beef and milk is soaring because the drought has forced ranchers to sell off their cattle, unable to keep them watered and fed.

So, yes, we are affected by this drought and need to start taking water seriously. On March 28 and 29, Greening Greenfield will be showing three films, each dealing with a different aspect of the pending world crisis that we fear is inevitable if we don’t start soon to recognize its urgency. Please check The Recorder for details.

March 22 is International Water Day. What will you do to recognize its importance?



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