Letter: Get on the bus

Many of us at a recent Transportation Justice meeting in Turners Falls shared the feeling that riding the bus has been stigmatized in Franklin County. Somehow, the fact we use the bus puts us in different class. In fact, there are many famous people, even royalty that ride the bus! Politicians and community leaders can help us get rid of this stigma. Transit Riders should be your heroes conserving the environment while saving money. Studies report 74 percent of the public supports the use of taxpayer money for the use and expansion of public transportation. Lower percentages of people are getting drivers licenses. Higher percentages of people are using public transportation. Surveys suggest that lifestyle changes will continue this trend. Get bus riding out of the closet. Share your story. Businesses can benefit by getting workers and customers to their homes and establishments more economically. We have an improving public transportation system in Franklin County, funding will only get better if we get involved, leaders promote it and people use it! In Franklin County we have no weekend or holiday service. Tell politicians and FRTA yours needs. Most of all, use the bus!



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