Letter: Poor source for info

As Town Council vice president, and member of the Appointments and Ordinances Committee, I find your recent coverage of the Wetlands Protection Ordinance to be incorrect, biased and misleading, and your editorial of Feb. 15 borders on defamation.

As far as I know, the only councilor to be contacted for comment was Chairman Singer. How can you write four articles about this issue, including accusing Council President Wisnewski of some imaginary wrong-doing, without inviting our input? Nothing about the committee meeting in question was unfair, unethical or in violation of procedure. Residents are always encouraged to take part in our process, and our meetings and agendas are always posted.

I am proud to be a part of this council, who has encouraged open dialogue among residents and business owners. These are just some of the initiatives we have undertaken to increase transparency: holding more public forums than ever before; inviting town boards, organizations, and residents for common discussion on topics; moving the public comment period to the beginning of the Council meeting; and creating a town clerk hiring process. We are also creating open office hours for residents to meet with councilors downtown.

I encourage individuals with questions or issues about town business to contact their precinct councilor, their at-large councilor, or me, directly, as this newspaper has not proven itself to be a reliable source of information, particularly during campaign season.


vice president

Greenfield Town Council

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