Letter: War’s toll

“A Mother’s Love” from the diary of a Vietnam veteran.

This is a page from a man who was there. This is a page from a medic and door gunner of a helicopter in Vietnam. This is a page that to this day still haunts him. This is a page that brings tears to my eyes.

“A Mother’s Love”

“Somebody’s going to miss him. Probably a lot of people. With so much more of life ahead than behind. She doesn’t know yet. She just worries about him all day, every day. At 4 in the morning in Connor, Texas, nobody knows yet. When will she know? At what instant will she find out that 20 years of a Mother’s love has stopped dead cold? How much of her will die when she knows he has died? After the wailing and when enough family is around her, she’ll ask somebody who does not know if he died alone and just how it happened and she’ll say she has a right to know. I will write and say he was not alone, that he was brave and that he was loved by all of us. It won’t matter much later what I say.

“All that will matter for the rest of her life is that her son is gone. And for What? For Whom? Why?”

This soldier suffers from PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. His doctor had him write down some of her experiences as therapy. There are 12 stories, this one effected me the most. There were only three people that have read these stories, the soldier, his doctor and myself. He has allowed me to do with them as I see fit.

PFC KEN CARVILLE, Korea-1955-57

Wendell Depot

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