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Letter: An energy solution?

The solution to the problem regarding the Northeast’s potential energy shortage is here. According to a press release from Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc. (www.SolarHydrogenTrends.com), a series of tests on the company’s “cold fusion” hydrogen reactor has proven it capable of producing far more hydrogen than the energy required to produce it. In other words, it “can produce enough hydrogen in one day to be equivalent to 6.5 barrels of oil, at a mere cost of $1.68 per hour to operate.”

Assuming this to be true, it is apparent, to me at least, that the American dream of self-sufficiency in energy, through clean, renewable, local resources (water!) is now within reach. A government program, equivalent to the “Space Race,” might be called “energy companies.” Manufacturers, bankers and educators might wish to seek out opportunities to serve their communities through this technology (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction — LENR).

The press release claims that 50,000 of these reactors would provide “30 percent more hydrogen equivalent than the largest oil producer, Saudi Arabia, in one year.”

Therefore, there’s no reason to fear the shutting down of nuclear and coal-fired plants; and there’s every reason to re-evaluate the need for Kinder Morgan’s proposed pipeline.



There are half a dozen companies with Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) devices racing to the marketplace. If the Solar Hydrogen Trends claims are true, they have the best system to date because their reactor produces hydrogen gas rather than heat. We can easily use hydrogen gas to power cars, trucks, trains, ships, aircraft, and spacecraft with existing, well proven off the shelf technology. I have my fingers crossed and hope this development is authentic. It would shrink the switchover time required to replace fossil fuels with LENR from many decades to just a few years.

Finally, we found a man here in the United States who understands that the hydrogen reactor "Symphony 7A" is an existing device, which works in contrary to many laws of physics and produces 208,000 liters per hour of pure hydrogen. If someone has any doubts, please invite any reputable company to conduct your own tests. President of Solar Hydrogen Trends Inc.

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