Letter: Measuring time

I just read a book on evolution and it was good. And I’ve since been reviewing the book of Genesis, and it is also good. How could two seemingly disparate historical stories both be good? Don’t they supposedly stand in opposition to each other?

I don’t think so, and here’s one reason why. The Hindu Vedic scriptural teachings say that a thousand years can pass in the blink of Brahma’s eye. (Brahma is the Vedic name for our Creator.) Now if a thousand years can pass in the blink of God’s eye, might not eons pass before he called it a day? (Props to the Jehovah Witness organization for help in understanding this.)

On the evolutionary scale, as in the Genesis account, man is present only after millions of years, or eons, or “days” of creation. That, I think, squares the accounts nicely, and along with other parables seem to show a strong cross correlation between science and religions, whether the latter is intuitive or revelatory.

I see more similarity than difference. The Bible doesn’t say the earth is 6,000 years old! It says man left the garden then, but not how long he’d already been in it, or how many years passed during its creation. So, square one!

Of course, these are just my opinions, I could be wrong. Thanks to Jim C. for another dialogue opening.



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