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Letter: Entergy’s greed

Entergy again has brazenly ratcheted up the demand for money from the taxpayers (the state of Vermont) with its addition of $790,000 on top of its claim for $4.6 million. I wonder what is being bought for $5,390,000. If lawyers were outrageously paid $250/hour that would have them working 21,560 man hours for the money. Lawyers employed by the state of Vermont earn on average $67,500/year or about $33/hour. That would make the time value 163,333 man hours for the $5.39 million.

The purpose of a corporation is to generate profit. Entergy has time and again shown its ruthless pursuit of generating income and profit with total disregard and disdain for its host community, the state of Vermont.

In addition to a company generating income and profit it also makes every effort to retain capitol. A way to retain money is to expend as little as possible at the end of the business. Witness the abandoned factories that we the people (the taxpayers everywhere) have taken financial responsibility for over the decades. That money was out of our pockets, not those who profited from the ventures. We see this today in the abandoned dams in our rivers. There is great controversy over the environmental impact and the cost to we the people for cleaning up after the profits of those the owners, executives and share holders were generated and retained after the corporation was dissolved.

The relentless pursuit of the state of Vermont by Entergy is evidence that the stage is being set for Entergy to one day dissolve and walk away from Vermont Yankee and all its other plants at unfathomable costs to we the people. They will take the profits and run. They will show all of us the same disregard and disdain they’ve shown Vermont. I suspect the most ruthless of legal minds are hired to figure out how to leave the mess, the cost and blame us, we the people.

Corporate citizenship indeed!



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