Letter: Witihin the Bible

Regarding what is REAL, many thinkers believe the Bible is a borderline between actual history and myth. For many it depends upon one’s concept of history taught in the secular vein, but for others who have been exposed to religious instruction, it is a firm belief. Most accept the historical Jesus, for, after all, our Christmas is celebrated as a holiday. However, too much religion pushes toward oblivion, which then becomes a false naivete.

Psychological truth is important in its own way for it is a historical verification that comes forth as taught by our churches. Those with no background in religious teaching are like uncomprehending cows looking at a passing train. They hear, see, feel the ground shake, but think that people who embrace the incomprehensible are of mass lunacy. They simply do not comprehend the mysteries of Christ. Their reality is the knowledge of the world — not the knowledge of faith. How can they be redeemed? Perhaps by Divine Revelation, which will bring some to a totality of being, that of God.

A symbol may become a reality. Consider the Catholic Holy Eucharist, which becomes in memoriam the actual body and blood of Christ to those who believe. What is bread and wine can in spiritual reality become the living Christ. Our bodies taking in food and drink change the food to living flesh, a similar manifestation, miraculous but not so mysterious in science. Properly fed, the living tissue, like beaded drops of blood, is spread into high perfection of positive, good health. Can one now realize that intelligence, properly instructed, can reach a high perfection of spiritual reality?


Shelburne Falls

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