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Letter: Patrick’s behavior

I just read a great article on our state’s elected leader, Gov. Patrick.

Seems after the Boston bombings, he got, in his words, “quite drunk” at a restaurant in celebration. What a great example for our kids from our state’s governor! He also states he was alone, so that causes me to wonder, did he drive himself home in that condition? Or did we, as taxpayers, pay the tab for a state vehicle and driver for our inebriated leader? Either way, makes me oh so proud to be from Massachusetts.

Let’s not forget in the same article he states that he was relieved about the capture and deaths of the bombers so that residents would stop “bitching and moaning” about the lock down. I am so glad our governor has such a high opinion of his constituents. What has happened to our government? When did the people we elect to represent us get the idea it’s OK to belittle us? When did it become acceptable to brag about getting drunk, instead of setting a good example? Although I should know better than to look to politicians for good examples (and I really don’t look to them for that), I do expect slightly more than this garbage from our governor. Thanks for the governance, governor, and don’t let the door hit you in the backside on the way out.


Shelburne Falls

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