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Letter: Gomez? No!

Breaking News: Gabriel Gomez is the new Scott Brown. Commenting on Markey’s voting record, Gomez said recently “When someone votes with his party nearly 100 percent of the time that’s a problem. That’s being purely partisan. I’m ready to reach across the aisle — I’m not going to be partisan.”

So déjà vu all over again, as Yogi used to say. Same old, same old. Here we go again. All the clichés apply. Another “compassionate” conservative. But what will Gomez reach across the aisle for? Will he support sane legislation that calls for restrictions on purchases of assault weapons and military-style ammunition? He’s already said NO.

Will he shake the hand of a Democrat who believes government has a role to play in building infrastructure and in creating jobs? As a good Republican he’d have to vote the party line — which is always NO. Will he join hands with one of his Democratic colleagues in fighting for a woman’s right to choose? Well, a little bit. Sort of. Up to a point. Of course he admits he’s not familiar with the Blunt amendment. Not unlike the man he’s fashioning himself after.

Gomez, I suspect, will be a really good glad hander. Been there, done that — for two whole years. Citizens of this state voted in Elizabeth Warren to replace Scott Brown because they wanted an authentic voice for them in Washington. I think they will do that again when they vote for Ed Markey.


Shelburne Falls

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