Letters: Change for the worse

After the Boston Marathon bombing and its apparent self-appointed terrorism, we must admit that our country and its government have become two separate things, something like a carcass and a bird of prey. Security is now so unsuccessful that people imagine that they do not want it. Terrorists and anarchists could fundamentally change the U.S. into something one could despise.

Historical processes are truly evolutionary by ascribing them the power to change one’s nation into another. Note the security process at airports and public buildings. Think of how this has affected our behavior.

While adaptability enables one to survive historical change caused by terrorists, most of us, however, must meekly enter the current regime — wear the culture of the new civilization and earn our oats by the sweat of our labors or come under the yoke of government welfare.

One must admit that history could bring one facet of the many to overrule the individual who must adjust and grope toward adaptability in order to survive, or fall to the generous attachment to government funds. One now can survive nicely on the generosity of the government.

Hordes of aliens are turning citizenship into a hybrid race where one is forced to learn the foreign tongue as well as the native U.S. one. This might throw a spasm on the conservative citizen or have a jury of lunacy on one’s spine. (Supreme Court)

Another historical change to throw coals on the present culture of death is the onerous business of government deciding issues on abortion, test tube fertilization, same sex marriage and the like. This culture of death to the soul has pervaded in an immense change of morality that was once held in check by religious influences.

Yes, our country has changed, but not for the betterment of the individual. What can we do? Pray for political deliverance in this year of faith.


Shelburne Falls

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