Letter: Library lovers

Did you all know that February is Library Lovers Month? Well, how do we love thee, our dear libraries? Can we count the ways? Taking this very question to heart, the Arms Library thinks February is the perfect time for us to pause and think what libraries mean to us. So, in that spirit, as a friend of the Arms Library in Shelburne Falls, I invite all library lovers to send a valentine to the Arms and share what makes this sweet library so lovable to you. Valentines to the Arms can be mailed anytime during February to Arms Library, Bridge and Main streets, Shelburne Falls, 01370 or you can express your sentiment on one of the red hearts at the Library when you come in. All the cards and hearts will be displayed all February long. You can even post your reason for loving the Arms on Facebook, too, at www.facebook.com/ArmsLibrary and we will transcribe it on a red heart for display. While you’re at it, send a valentine to all the libraries that serve you so faithfully all year-round — let them feel the love! And for you Dear Arms, just let me say, I have stacks and stacks of love for you!


Friend of Arms Library

Shelburne Falls

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