Letter: Unintended slight

It was a great shock to read the letter from Maggie Compehos whom I have never met or spoken to. Maggie wrote a letter to the editor regarding the absence of acknowledgement of the Friends of West County Seniors in our recent concert program. Thank you for making me aware of this information! All my early versions of the program have the Friends listed, so I am confounded by this issue as I must have VERY inadvertently, in my haste to copy extra programs prior to the concert; printed some programs which read differently. I thank the Friends for their support of this wonderful concert, where our new chorus sang beautifully under the direction of Shelley Roberts. The chorus was joined by the delightful Mohawk Select Chorus under new Director Scott Halligan. Trinity Church was completely full with an audience who gave the singers a standing ovation following the concert. Thanks to the Friends, we were able to serve cookies and punch to all participants and guests. Thank you to all who participated and to the Friends as well as our other sponsors: the cultural councils of Ashfield, Buckland, Charlemont and Shelburne and funds donated in the memory of Stefan Racz, Joyce Buell and Marian Tomes and Trinity Church and volunteers who assisted with the program. I hope I did not forget anyone! This was a case of human error not a purposeful disrespect for the Friends’ $50 support for refreshments for the program. I welcome anyone to come speak to me directly about any issue anytime.


Senior Center director

Shelburne Falls

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