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Letter: That Grand Old Party

This is a response to Ed Fleming’s recent letter to the editor titled “Fascinating reading.” In his piece about the upcoming elections in Greenfield he states that Mark Wisnewski’s supporters and cohorts have been talking about Isaac Mass and the evils of the Republican Party (and, by assumption, not about the issues that concern Greenfield).

He goes on to claim that Abe Lincoln must be rolling over in his grave because after all he was the 16th president. Neither Abraham Lincoln nor Theodore Roosevelt, also a Republican, would ever have been accepted by the current Republican Party. They would have been considered leftist, socialist or worse, who were against capitalism and the American way. My guess is that they would have identified more with the current Democratic Party than with the Republican Party. So it may be true poor old Abe is rolling over in his grave but not because any supporters of Mr. Wisnewski’s may have spoken “badly” about the Republican Party. Mr. Fleming ended his piece with the advice to “vote your heart.” I would say consider voting with your head, whichever way you vote.



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