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Letter: Snubbing veterans

IQ test questions often challenge you to select the item that does not belong in the series: You pick:

Home Depot, Veterans, Fairness, Penny Ricketts, Crazy Policy. (the answer below)

The Home Depot Corp. boasts of its commitment to veterans by offering a year-round 10 percent veteran discount upon showing proof of service. For years, I have presented my veteran’s laminated photo ID to take advantage of this “thank-you-for-serving” discount. However, surprise, my veteran status was snubbed, insulted and refused recently at the Greenfield Home Depot. Management, plus customer service employee Penny Ricketts, were present that day and informed me that Greenfield Home Depot recently decided to eliminated year-around discounts to “all” veterans and will “only honor active service, disabled or retired career veterans.” In a nutshell, no more thank-you-for-your-service to the veteran who did not serve well enough in their eyes. Whether a veteran has served as a two-year drafted Vietnam soldier or for 30 years, their courage and patriotism is not for the Greenfield management to judge. A veteran is a veteran, year-round, period; not just on Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day.

Ricketts, who I recognized from the newspaper, defended this bogus policy by saying some vets give their veteran’s card to a neighbor to use. Really, some? So Greenfield’s Home Depot’s solution is to punish the masses; how about just asking for a second ID, like a license, and make sure the names match!

The core of this message is to share with veterans that I personally spoke with managers at Lowe’s and Hadley’s Home Depot, both examined my veteran’s laminated photo ID and said they would honor it any time, unlike Greenfield. Go figure. The one that doesn’t fit: Fairness.


Shelburne Falls

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