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Letter: Candidate in line with us

I represent a growing minority — I was born in Franklin County, was educated here, went away to college and returned to work, live, purchase a home and make a family in this beautiful area, which has given me so much to be thankful for.

There is a dangerous, almost oppressive contrast between the richness of western Massachusetts and the way the rest of the commonwealth — that part east of 495 — both views us and treats us on Beacon Hill. Not only do I find the political gamesmanship of today unbalanced and unfair, but I struggle to find true representation of the needs and desires of the people who live in the 2nd Franklin District.

We as community members share many commonalities among the discourse of difference we find on Facebook or in the local paper. These should be the principles that bind us together in our work and in our lives as neighbors. Caring for children and their education. Deserving a government that works on our behalf. Strong public safety and education systems. The type of fiscal conservatism we all must practice in our own homes and for our own families. Appreciation and protection of the history and simplicity of our way of life. And most importantly, the freedom to continue to live our lives without the over-reaching, over-legislating arm of government intruding on our inalienable rights.

Our commonwealth is the birthplace of our freedom, where people with a desire for autonomy and a dislike of taxation without representation answered the call at Lexington and Concord — my ancestor among them — and chose to do what was in the best interest of future generations.

We can all be patriots — men and women — by electing representation in Boston that is more in line with our core values and less in line with one-party rule. I ask and urge you to join me and other independent voters to place your mark next to Susannah Whipps Lee for state representative on Sept. 9th. Please help change the future of our district for the better — for a future that we can be proud of, and a leader who will truly do the people’s work.



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