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Letter: Northfield past, future

wish to compliment Mr. Adams on his letter in April 11 paper. I also wish to elaborate on what Northfield had as a town, which ran with a private Christian school in Gill and Northfield. Let’s start with the businesses that we had here and all survived. We had seven gas stations, two car dealers and repair shops, two grocery stores, one hardware and one general store, NE Market, three railroad stations, small community stores at each end of town, diner, pharmacy/sundry, bank, two post offices, meat market, hotel, castle, town hall, which the town used for dances, movies and a gym for the school in the winter, local dump (where kids learned to shoot rats). We also had a constable instead of a police force. I could go on to many other things we had but we moved on and lost a lot of business. No one complained about the number of kids going to school at the seminary/NMH, and the town didn’t have as many people living here as we do now. So it probably would have evened out if we did have a large school come into town. But, as I have said before, this town will become a dead town if the “relics” — as Mr. Adams said — don’t get out of the way and let the young ones bring in new ideas for this town to grow. I know this means change but if we don’t do something, we won’t be anything but memories.

I know this is a different world now than it was back years ago, but we have to wake up and “get with it.” I guess the only way to get things done is to get new people in office. So, People of Northfield, wake up and VOTE. Let’s get this town back to something more than a place others think of as “no man’s future.”

I’ve lived here all my life, I’ve seen many things go on but the worse is hearing too many restrictions put on things to prevent “them” from happening. We must let change happen. Like you Mr. Adams, my name isn’t spelled right, either, even though my family has been in town for over five generations.



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