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Letter: Fascist?

Ironically as I read Brad Brigham’s Dec 7 letter branding Israel a fascist society, the radio was reporting that exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal had entered Gaza protected by a corps of armed black-masked militants. Brigham doesn’t seem to think that Israel, a country the size of New Jersey, has any right to respond with force to rocket attacks (most recently supplemented by Iranian missiles capable of reaching Jerusalem). Israel is in the midst of an election campaign while in Gaza Hamas has established a theocracy. Which society is really more fascist? Next door to Gaza in Egypt, Hamas’ Islamist ally rulers are busy destroying the democracy that brought them to power. I am as outraged by Israeli obstructionism to a peaceful settlement as any, but just once I’d like to hear those condemning Israel call out the regressive rule Palestinians live under. Within weeks of Arafat’s 1994 return to rule Gaza complaints about violations of press freedoms and other human rights abuses began pouring in. Again ironically, if some of those writing letters to the editor of this paper were writing those letters in Gaza they might well find themselves on the radar of Hamas’ secret police.



Well ... given that I just read yesterday that Israeli police arrested women who tried to pray at the Wailing Wall yesterday, because the ultra-Orthodox want only men to be able to do so, I wouldn't give Israel a pass on being in the grasp of a theocracy.

here is a man who can think for himself. BRAVO!

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