Letter: More sidewalk talk

I’d like to add to the piece by Karle Kush on Montague Sidewalks Aug. 24. I live on Turners Falls Road in Montague and we have some sidewalks over in Montague Center, right across the railroad bridge. These sidewalks are very, very BAD. When you walk on them, you have to keep looking down so you will not trip; there is not a flat part of the sidewalk. Anyway, good luck to you, Karle. I went down to the Town Administrator’s Office about new sidewalks for us and he said that the DPW manager was out checking on them but don’t keep your hopes up, your section is too rich for new sidewalks, we can’t get a grant for them. The bottom line is “if you don’t live in Turners Falls forget it,” it will never happen. About winter, when the snow stops falling and the roads are all plowed, the first thing you see is the front loaders and trucks on Avenue A removing snow, not Millers Falls, Lake Pleasant, Montague Center or even Montague City. After Avenue A then comes in front of the big church on Seventh Street. I think that if the Montague DPW is going to do this it should include all the villages in Montague or change the name from Town of Montague, Village of Turners Falls to Town of Turners Falls, Village of Montague. Let’s see what happens!



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