Letter: Supportive community

I am a regular reader of The Recorder and I enjoy reading both the main international news and the happenings in Greenfield and the Franklin County. One of the best things I enjoy every day is receiving my copy of The Recorder.

I am a journalist by profession, having practiced journalism in my country of birth, Nepal, for over 40 years. My wife, who is a teacher, lived in Nepal for over 30 years, teaching children at the international school in Kathmandu.

We are presently living in our own house in Montague on Turners Falls Road. Greenfield is our nearest town, where we do much of our shopping, especially items of daily necessity.

Last year, when we were in Nepal for a visit, our house in Montague was badly damaged because of a burst pipe. We rushed back from Nepal in January 2013 and spent the next few months living in B&Bs waiting for the restoration work to finish.

We were astonished at the speed with which the contractor completed the work and the quality of the workmanship of the team of workers he employed, performing a wide range of tasks. We were also impressed with the prompt response and a spirit of cooperation that we found with the insurance company that came to our rescue. And, of course, our friends and neighbors in Franklin County.

In order to express our appreciation of the cooperation we received ... We thought the letter could be of help to those who may be facing situations similar to ours.




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