Beer and books at bold new bar

GREENFIELD — There’s a new place to enjoy a selection of craft beers, fine liquors and a night out downtown.

Seymour Pub opened with little fanfare, but a sidewalk sandwich board and word of mouth have been steadily drawing people to the new bar on Bank Row since the first of the month.

Owner Nathan Blehar likes it that way.

Blehar co-owns the Dirty Truth, a Northampton beer hall with an extensive list of drafts and bottles. At Seymour, he pours a more focused selection of craft beers, fine liquors and wines. He’s also got Guinness Draught and Miller High Life, for those looking for something they’re more familiar with.

He wants Seymour to be an intimate setting that, like pubs of old, serves as a community gathering point.

“I want it to have a more conversational tone.”

Those who have stopped by said he’s achieved that goal.

“I like it; I think Greenfield really needed something like this,” said Matthew Cavanaugh.

“I think it’s a lovely addition to downtown Greenfield,” said Becky George, a former Greenfield Business Association official who stopped in with her boyfriend after an afternoon hike.

“I love all the hardwood,” she commented, referring to the custom-built booths and bar, as well as the tables, stools, floors and walls. She liked the stocked, built-in bookcases, too.

“It’s like a tip-of-the-hat to the Raven,” she said, referring to the used book store that used to inhabit the spot.

Blehar’s buddies dropped off some of their favorite books as a pub-warming present.

“I always wanted books to be a part of it,” he said. “I want people to be able to enjoy a beer and a book.”

He’d like patrons not to take the books with them, but they’re welcome to leave a bookmark.

Rather than lose seating space to build a kitchen, Seymour will feature menus from nearby restaurants, who will deliver to the pub. Patrons are also welcome to bring their own food.

Blehar won’t be holding a grand opening, but does plan to have some events down the line.

“I’d like to hold some ‘meet the brewer’ nights,” he said.

The pub will regularly feature 12 European and American craft beers on tap, a small selection of premium bottled beers, a list of wines, and fine whiskey, bourbon, scotch, tequila and gin.

“We’ll probably offer Manhattans, gin- or vodka-tonics, and other simple drinks at first,” said Blehar.

He said he’ll add some specialty cocktails later, and will offer pairings of beer and liquor.

He’ll also occasionally order small batches of specialty beer for cask nights.

“I like the idea of everyone in the room drinking the same thing, because it reminds me of the rooms I’ve visited in Germany. It feels like you’re all in it together.”

like we don't have enough bars here already. sigh

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