Pub moving in on Bank Row

GREENFIELD — It won’t be long before you can head to Bank Row to order your favorite craft beer, order a pizza that will be delivered to the pub, and spend the evening visiting with good friends.

Nathan Blehar plans to open Seymour, which will serve 12 lines of craft beer, various wines, and high-end bourbon and Scotch.

“We’ll have beer from Germany, England, Belgium, California, and some local brews,” said Blehar, who co-owns The Dirty Truth restaurant in Northampton and used to co-own the Moan and Dove bar in Amherst.

“This is going to be very similar to what I’ve been doing,” said Blehar, who said he isn’t sharing all of his plans at this point, because he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise.

The town’s Board of License Commissioners has issued Blehar a full liquor license. Blehar has also been working with the town’s building and health inspectors, who said he is on track to open and is doing everything he is supposed to be doing.

Blehar said he is currently renovating the space that used to house Raven Used Books, and will be opening sometime between the end of September and the beginning of November.

Blehar said he would like to serve food, but does not have a kitchen, so is hoping to work with other Greenfield restaurants, which would be willing to deliver to Bank Row.

“I’d like to put a menu together so that people could call their favorite restaurant for a delivery and have their food delivered to Seymour,” said Blehar. “People like to eat while they drink.”

He said he’d like to serve things like beef jerky, pickled eggs and roasted almonds, which don’t require he have a kitchen, but he also understands that sometimes people want more than just a snack.

Blehar said Seymour will share the outdoor courtyard to the back of his bar with Greenfield Coffee. He said Northampton Coffee, whose owner also owns Greenfield Coffee and Amherst Coffee, is The Dirty Truth’s neighbor in Northampton, so he knows the owner and believes they will work well together.

“There will be more information about Seymour to come, but it will come as we get closer to opening,” said Blehar.

He said developer Jordi Herold, who renovated the building where Seymour will be located, as well as two other buildings on Bank Row, was instrumental in bringing him to Greenfield.

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