Greenfield council boss wants evaluation process for town clerk

GREENFIELD — Town Council President Mark Wisnewski is hoping the council will come up with and formalize an evaluation process to review the town clerk’s performance each year.

“It is the only town employee that the council has direct supervision of,” said Wisnewski. “We don’t have a formal evaluation process right now, and we should.”

Wisnewski said he would like to see the council meet once a year in executive session to discuss the town clerk’s performance before the town does its annual raise review.

Maureen Winseck has been the town’s clerk since 1990, when she was appointed acting clerk.

Among her many duties, which include keeping all town records, including birth, death and marriage certificates and local census data, as well as overseeing voter registration and elections and keeping track of campaign finance laws, Winseck is also clerk to the council.

The town clerk records council actions and files council votes.

Winseck is familiar with public records laws, how to exchange meeting minutes between different town boards, to the press and to people who come in with records requests.

“We’re a legislative body that should have a legislative process for reviewing the town clerk’s performance each year,” said Wisnewski.

He said he will bring his idea before the full council and hopes it will discuss and come up with some ideas of its own.

“I do view it as a positive move on the part of the council,” said Winseck when asked by The Recorder about Wisnewski’s intentions. “Currently there is no system for evaluation of department heads working under the council.”

The charter does contain a provision for the mayor to make promotions on the basis of merit and fitness, and presumably the council would only have a direct say over work performed for the council and not over those more generic parts of a town clerk’s job that are defined by state law for every town.

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