Letter: Keep the train

Open letter to Mayor Bill Martin:

Just shuffle through these photos, “Love!”

Here’s our town’s Energy Park image ... kids’ imagination, play train. And here is big time railroad local heritage — the old days of our old train station. I even went off to the Army — from here to Fort Devens, etc. Yes, this place is one that kids love today. And our grown-up heritage!

Just picture this — happens over and over: preschool kids with parents playing “freight train” — their “toot-toot ...” See the giant real life train ... and Mr. Engineer waving a big “Hi” to these little kids. Such an amazing moment.

But now I hear rumor (third hand), the town Rec. Department plans to pull out our kids train and put in a no-fuss schoolyard exercise slide and swing set. You know — it’s red/yellow/blue plastic — yuck! What? Why?

The reason I hear? The town had to replace a couple boards (or four). Plastic play is supposed to get rid of vandalism, the annoyance. Wait, let’s stop and rethink. We’re not talking about a mundane blacktop parking lot. This is love, family, togetherness and little kids imagining train adventure — “All Aboard” — in this real train world.

Bill go look. Our play train is solid wood (Kiwanis puts on wood sealer and spreads pine bark mulch every couple of years (Ed Snow landscape donates this fancy mulch).

About the graffiti problem — so we live with that exposure. An electric drill disk sander is quick to erase.

You’re busy. Quick decision? Hope I made my point. We keep our little kids play train — or the town loses a lot (including Kiwanis project).

Shall we close with a happy smile? I don’t know how you cope with so much stuff every day. Little things, huge things. But, I’ll keep helping you out wherever I can.



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