Letter: Food price math

People complain that food prices are going up. My dad told me that one and one are two. He said it’s not complicated. All the money going into the grocery store comes from the selling price. Costs are: Foodstuffs, electric lights, employee wages, refrigeration, etc.

Suppose a customer brings in a shopping cart from the parking lot when he/she visits the store? This savings of one (or two) person-minutes, time after time saves the store money, thus reducing the selling price. It is also safer to cross the parking lot with a cart.

My dad used to say, “Never cheat from the store you use regularly. If you don’t pay for it today, you will have to pay for it tomorrow or next week. You might as well pay for it now and be done with it. “As we learn later in life, dads and moms know a lot. Thanks folks.



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