Letter: Racial stereotype

The Recorder’s political cartoon (Feb. 28) was pretty much beyond the pale. A buck-toothed, squint-eyed Asian saying; “... we’ll despoil our shared environment, filthy-up the air, completely ignore the rules of good global manners, and cyber-attack all your systems, and if you don’t like it, you can stuff it!” Considering that the case could be made, as others have, that the U.S. does all of these things, the cartoonist is acting a bit like an angry child saying, “No fair when you do it, too!” But it was the little caveat at the corner that really got me: “a bit uppity for a nation that still eats with sticks.” Really? So am I to believe that racial stereotyping and ridicule of cultural practices is OK as long as we don’t like the other guy?



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