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Letter: Stop & Shop labor

We saw in the Help Wanted section of today’s Greenfield Recorder an ad for temporary replacement workers (Scabs) to be hired in the event of strike or a lockout as a direct result of a labor dispute in the current contract negotiations. Ahold Inc. (the owners of Stop and Shop) posted nearly $8 billion profit in the United States alone, an increase of 2.8 percent over the previous year. Even with that profit posted, Ahold wants stop providing for its part-time employees health care and prescription plan. Most of Stop & Shop employees work part-time, and have counted on access to their negotiated health care plan to care for themselves and their families. Some Stop & Shop managers have even begun training for their commercial driver’s license (CDL) so that they can drive the replacement workers to the various locations, talk about planning for a negative outcome.

We suggest Ahold Inc. come to the negotiation table with the mindset that their unionized work forces are assets to the company rather than a drain on their profit. We in the community support honor and appreciate the hard working unionized employees of Stop & Shop, and if there is a strike or a lockout we urge all of the community to rise in solidarity in support and shop anywhere but Stop & Shop.



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