Letter: Likeable column

I have known Ben Clarke since before he was born. His grandparents and parents were neighbors. His parents babysat for my kids and mine babysat for them. He is a wonderful person. In fact, his whole family is.

But I have never agreed with his politics. Ever.

How can I say this? He comes across as well ... so Republican.

BUT ... his column on Wednesday, Jan. 23, was spot on. I agreed with everything he said. Except about “Lincoln.”

Anyone who watched and/or listened to President Obama’s inaugural address hopefully was moved. He is an eloquent speaker with obviously the American People at heart. Not party b.s. or “us and them.”

We are the people. It’s our country, good or bad. We all have a say in how it’s run NOT the politicians. They are supposed to be the voice of the people. It’s time they stop kowtowing to a few, like the NRA, and listen to we the people.

And, Ben, the movie “Lincoln” was about a pivotal time in history. It changed our country for the better. It was interesting that the back biting and in-fighting among the Republicans and Democrats in 1865, hasn’t changed in almost 150 years. It was a phenomenal movie.

Thanks, Ben for and excellent column (this time). Well worth reading.

Ever think about climbing out of the mud and switching parties?



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