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Letter: Changing energy picture

“No! to coal” editorial in the Jan. 8 Recorder is a good presentation. Likewise, we should prepare for “No!” to all fossil fuels.

But it seems so irresponsible to me to ignore the grave dangers of nuclear power. After the Fukushima, Japan disaster it should be abundantly clear that nuclear-generated power — especially from old G.E. Mark 1 reactors like Vermont Yankee only 16 miles from the Greenfield Town Common — is our own disaster waiting to happen. It could be triggered by fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, flood, a broken dam upstream from Vernon, Vt., terrorist, human error, and would probably make Franklin County — and more — uninhabitable.

What also disturbs me is that we as a society seem unable to talk about (and plan for) our over-consumption of electric power, and reasonable ways to reduce it, so that we don’t continue to pretend that we must generate electricity by nuclear or fossil fuels.

Let’s start talking about sensible change.



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