Letter: Gunplay entertainment

In all of the talk about the horror that was unleashed on the Newtown, Conn., elementary school, the themes are all too familiar: get rid of the guns, arm the teachers, legislate the whole threat away.

But nowhere have I heard that we might begin to lessen gun violence by simply ceasing to worship it. We lust for gunplay as entertainment — in our movies, our television shows, our game-playing. By the age of 5, our children have witnessed hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths by gunfire. And in the “first-person shooter” games, they have mowed down scores of “enemies.”

Until we realize that we are as hooked on guns as we are on drugs of all kinds, we will continue to see slaughter. We’ve declared “war” on drugs and we’re losing. If we try to solve our gun addiction by any similar declaration, we’ll lose there also. If we truly care about those defenseless children who saw their death coming at them with guns blazing, we will move to protect our young from advertisements of gun-love as we have moved to shield them from advertisements for alcohol and tobacco.

Treat blood-lust games as the variety of pornography they are and vote with our money to discourage sponsors from bringing us gun TV. It took us a while to get to the point of such violence, and it will take a while to turn it off. But it can be done if we care to do it.



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