Moving on Lunt

Mayor William Martin wants Greenfield to continue shepherding the property where Lunt Silversmiths once operated.

We agree with him ... it’s the right place, the right plan and the right time to take control.

Now Greenfield has to set the purchase of the property in motion. That requires Town Council approval of a $75,000 down payment toward the $1.5 million price tag. That’s a sizeable sum of money, made even more so when you consider the city has a number of other logs in the financial fire.

Yet we would like to think that the council will see this as an investment opportunity Greenfield shouldn’t miss out on, given what the mayor has outlined.

Buying the land and buildings preserves choices on how a sizeable piece of the property has been used for recreation. And what Martin actually envisions for the site would add roughly 11∕ 2 acres to the existing six that are now in play for recreational use, creating a “mini Fenway” there, as well as providing office space for the Recreation Department.

As for the rest of the property, Martin’s plan envisions Greenfield continuing to clean up the industrial site, including tearing down sections of the former factory while preserving other parts of the complex. Then it’s on to finding a redeveloper to finish the project, one that will keep the property on the tax rolls.

“We’ll be looking for two things in particular as we decide who will redevelop the property,” the mayor said Monday. “We want the property on the tax base and we want jobs created there.”

Those plans also take into account that whereas once factories and housing easily co-existed in a neighborhood, that’s no longer the case. Therefore, the town is seeking to rezone land from general industrial to limited commercial for the portion that will be redeveloped — and urban residential for the ball fields.

These redevelopment and future-use goals seem realistic.

But, again, Greenfield doesn’t have the same say in the utilization of the property unless it is willing to make this investment.

The Greenfield Town Council should help make this happen.

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