Letter: Your vote counts

More than ever your vote counts. With the amount of money (permitted by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Citizens United case) now coming into the election process, individual votes are critical. Your vote is the only way to counter the enormous flow of money, largely from the wealthy. Your individual vote needs to be included with the many millions of votes from average citizens if you expect to counter the wealthy contributor’s moneyed interests. Average citizens have one very important counter weight to all that money – their vote.

There are ongoing efforts across the country to minimize the impact of individual votes against moneyed interests. The various photo and other identification requirements being made only serve to limit the weight and power of the average voter. Make your voice heard, please register and vote. And don’t forget to bring your ID.

Alas, it is disappointing and confounding to me, that average voter turnout for the last four presidential elections was only 53.5 percent. That means there were 46.5 percent who did not vote. (Voter turnout data according to infoplease.com) The excuse made by many, “my vote doesn’t count or matter.” Well it matters more than you think and more than ever, so please vote.

Until and unless there is a constitutional amendment to define a citizen as a “blood and guts” individual your only power against all that money is your vote. Make it count, please vote in every election. Your next opportunity is Nov. 6. Make it count.


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