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Letter: About fireworks

If you had a relative who was in some way shell-shocked or otherwise traumatized by a past experience, would you purposely distress them? I ask because I have cats whose house was blown away by the tornado that hit Springfield three years ago. They’re afraid of loud noises, especially when unexpected: thunderstorms, neighborhood construction, and at this time of year, fireworks. My cats run for cover.

I know fireworks on private property are supposed to be illegal, but for some reason, in my neighborhood of Severance Street, Log Plain, and Newell Pond roads, they happen every year. Are these people exempt for some reason? Actually, I imagine anyone who has been through combat experience may have similar sensitivities. The Fourth is a time to celebrate our independence. However, we also need to be cognizant of the needs of those who are not so tolerant of loud sounds or sudden bright lights.

I’d rather see and hear them where they belong: at Beacon Field.

Thank you Greenfield for providing them every year. Give generously to help make that happen!



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