Letter: Love her photos!

Who is this Micky Bedell? Her photographs jump off the pages of The Recorder with color, zest and life. She zeroes in on stunning athletic moments, children exuding joy and other beautiful scenes. I race to the newspaper every morning to see what she’s come up with next! I’ve long been a fan of Paul Franz, admiring his ability to capture a bird in flight or a bucolic rural scene, in addition to everyday goings-on about our region. Readers of The Recorder don’t have to depend on stock photos from AP to see what’s happening in our world. Thanks to Bedell and Franz, as well as other fine artists like Trish Crapo, for capturing the real story: that our local communities are filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and a wide range of interesting activities and events. Welcome to our community, Micky Bedell. Your work is fabulous!



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