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Letter: His ignorance shows

In reference to “Byproduct of our times,” that ran May 14. Mr. Brown critiques the American gun owner and makes it clear that he knows nothing about firearms or the people who own them. It might benefit Mr. Brown to do some research on subjects he intends to write about. And what does he care what people drive in New Mexico? Not everyone wants half the car for twice the money, and some people use trucks. Not everyone is an “artist.” Lastly, he states he understands why “law-abiding citizens” shoot up schools? That monster who murdered those kids at Sandyhook was no “law-abiding” anything and to imply otherwise is a profane insult to the survivors. Mr. Brown should be ashamed of himself for that thoughtless remark.



Mr. Brown never answered my email about the same subject. I pointed out a few things and I guess he did not feel comfortable in discussing his facts.

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