Letter: Council and stipends

Over the past two years, Greenfield’s Town Council has found its toe in everybody’s water. I always believed in the separation of power and responsibility. The council seems to believe that it should have a say on any, and every, subject. Let me review one such topic that I think has escaped much discussion.

May 15, 2013:

Under New Business, Councilor Wisnewski requested for subcommittee review and recommendation that the Town of Greenfield institute a $1,000-per-year stipend for Town Council and School Committee members. This to begin July 2016.

Nov 20, 2013:

This stipend had risen to $2,000 annually for town councilors and School Committee members. This was approved and so voted. No “roll call” was taken for this vote. As a result, there is no record as to how each councilor cast their vote. With some councilors up for re-election, wouldn’t it be helpful to know?

So much for accountability.

Greenfield can be proud of the countless hours volunteers have served on boards, commissions and committees. Despite what some may say, the system has worked well without an attached cost. “Volunteers are not paid — not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.” — Unknown.



Perhaps Mr. Wolanske would be willing to pony up for the gas mileage, childcare expenses, printer toner, paper, supplies, cell phone minutes, and time off work that our volunteer officials pay for out of their own pockets in the name of doing their duties.

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