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Letter: A safe prom season

Prom Season! I love prom season, the students looking fabulous, the beauty of the blooming trees with our young people standing in front of them, hoping the parents will hurry through the pictures so they can experience this magical night! It’s a special time and one for the memory books! As parents, it’s our responsibility to keep them safe. Please be proactive this prom season. Have conversations about alcohol, and discuss the risks involved if it is misused. Be involved, know the specifics of the evening and get the answers to, Who? What? Where? When? Don’t assume all other parents have the same rules you do and create a plan with your children about what to do in a risky situation. As parents, you need to understand the consequences of social hosting liability and know that furnishing alcohol to a person in your home who is under 21 is punishable by a fine up to $2,000 or imprisonment up to a year or both! Let it be a SAFE magical night!


Safe Schools Safe Streets coordinator

4SC Coalition, Drug Free Communities


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