Letter: Money-saving vote

Greenfield could save $4,000 if we had Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) also known as Ranked Choice Voting.

On April 15, there will be a Precinct 5 preliminary election to narrow the field of three council candidates down to two. With IRV, we could avoid the preliminary election and get the same, or possibly more representative, results. Here’s how it would work:

At the June 10 general election, voters would rank their preferred candidates; first, second and third. A tally of all voters’ first choice is made. If that count doesn’t result in a winner with greater than 50 percent of the votes, the candidate with the smallest vote total is eliminated. Another tally uses voters’ second choice where their first choice candidate had been eliminated. This process leads to a winner that more than half the voters voted for.

Maybe we should consider the charter changes required to it use IRV. Might be a good way to save $4,000.



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