Greenfield man charged with posting video of nude, sleeping ex

GREENFIELD — A local man has been charged with breaking into his ex-lover’s apartment, recording her while she slept nude, and posting the video online, among other allegations.

Gabriel J. Zahner, 26, of 112 South Shelburne Road, pleaded innocent to charges of breaking and entering in the night for a felony, domestic assault and battery, videotaping an unsuspecting person in the nude, disseminating a video of an unsuspecting person in the nude, criminal harassment, and kidnapping.

Though the crimes allegedly occurred in 2011, the investigation took time and Zahner was arrested and arraigned Wednesday.

Zahner’s ex-girlfriend told police that she was attacked by Zahner in 2010, according to a police report by officer Jason Haskins.

The woman said she and Zahner had an argument in February of 2010 in their shared home and that Zahner grabbed her by the shoulder and threw her to the floor before grabbing her by the backpack she wore and slamming her into the walls of the room, wrote Haskins. She told police that he also placed her in a headlock to prevent her from leaving.

Then, in October of 2011, the couple had another argument, and the woman went to her room and closed the door, according to the report. The woman said that Zahner then forced the door open and it struck her, wrote Haskins. Afterward, Zahner blocked the doorway to keep her from leaving, according to Haskins.

Under state law, a kidnapping charge does not require abduction, but can be brought if one person prevents another from leaving. The victim told police that, on Dec. 27, 2011, she had a friend staying the night, when she was awakened by a bright light shining on her face.

She told police Zahner was standing over her and her friend, videotaping them while they slept. She said she was nude, wrote Haskins.

The video was later posted to Facebook, resulting in the charge of disseminating a video of an unsuspecting nude person, wrote Haskins.

A pattern of “constant text messages, phone calls and voicemails” from Zahner to the victim “designed to emotionally distress the recipient” warranted the harassment charge, Haskins wrote.

Zahner is set to return to court on March 3 for a bind-over hearing.

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