Letter: Good drivers

Some write critical of a few.

What about complimenting the many drivers who do well on the highways? Thanks to those who read the speed signs, understand and follow them. Gratitude to them that read their driver’s license, especially where the signer agrees to obey the rules of the road. Thanks to all motorists who stop for pedestrians in the road, especially at crosswalks. Many are pleased with motorists who willingly give the right-of-way to: fire trucks, police, ambulances and even school buses.

And isn’t it nice when folks use their signal devices, so motorists behind or near don’t have to guess what in the devil they are going to do? In short, thanks.

Be one that deserves thanks. Special hats off to those who refrain from using their cell phone, text, etc., while driving.

What does a speed sign mean? Speeds on specific roadways are studied. Then they are actually road tested. It is the fastest speed for safe driving under ideal conditions. In actuality, when conditions are lower than ideal, motorists should decrease their speed.

Actually, motoring could be a lot of fun. It is great to be able to anywhere you want. Thanks Henry Ford!



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