Second burglar gets 3 to 6 years in prison

GREENFIELD — The second of three men accused of a brief rash of burglaries and attempted break-ins in July characterized by electric meters destroyed in order to disable alarms pleaded guilty to more than a dozen charges Monday in Franklin Superior Court.

Judge John A. Agostini sentenced Patrick Boyer, 27, of Westwood Drive, to three to six years in the Cedar Junction state prison in Walpole, accepting the defense’s argument for a lighter sentence in light of the limited success of the burglaries.

Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Bucci had requested a stiffer sentence of five to seven years, citing Boyer’s record. Bucci said Boyer’s record includes 25 prior convictions for breaking and entering or attempted breaking and entering, pushed over 30 by the latest charges.

Boyer pleaded guilty to 13 counts related to burglaries in Sunderland, Montague and Bernardston, with lesser charges in Palmer, and probation violations in Hatfield.

Boyer’s lawyer, David Simanski, said the July crimes netted less than $100. The items stolen included an iPod and rolls of Sacagawea dollars.

“The take, the haul, the bounty of these larcenies is $88,” Simanski said. Simanski called the crimes a “series of unfortunate events that are the result of a confederation of young men ... a result of a serious lapse of judgment.”

Simanski called the requested sentence ironic in light of the small sum stolen.

“It smacks of the foolishness that the endeavor at its inception held,” Simanski said.

Montague police arrested Boyer and two other men on July 11 in Millers Falls after a detective noticed an unattended car by the side of the road with rolls of change visible inside, and subsequently found two men and then a third emerging from the woods. All three were arrested after a report of the Sunderland burglaries came through.

The other two men are Patrick Boyer’s brother Michael Boyer, 23 listed as homeless, and Sean Rattigan, 19, of Coolidge Avenue, Turners Falls.

Michael Boyer pleaded guilty in September to 11 charges related to the July 11 break-ins in Montague and Sunderland and eight charges related to February break-ins in Greenfield. He is serving a three-year sentence in state prison.

Rattigan’s case has not yet come to trial, his next court date is a pre trial conference Feb. 10 at 2 p.m.

Summarizing the case against Patrick Boyer, Bucci said Bob Cook Excavating and Asphalt on Deacon Parker Road in Bernardston was broken into in July, reported July 8, and a safe was drilled open. State police found no fingerprints. The following night the business was broken into again. although nothing was reported stolen. This time, State Police found a fingerprint on a shard of broken window glass linking the break-in to the subsequent Sunderland breaks. On the night of July 10, the Boyers and allegedly Rattigan broke into Annie’s Garden and Gift Store in Amherst, then traveled to Sunderland, where they burglarized Jenk’s Repair Service and Sugarloaf Frostee, then broke the meter at Raus’s Sunoco Service in Montague before abandoning the attempt to move on to Sirum’s Equipment, also in Montague, where they again broke a meter and failed to break in.

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