Letter: ‘Green heroes’

Thanks for making me the green hero for April!

I would in turn nominate all of those brave citizens who, in these trying times, are trying to grow even a small portion of their own sustenance, whether in a cramped backyard, a narrow windowsill, or even a soil-less roof top.

Solving the long-term challenges of equitable access to healthy food (in this new world of climate instability) will occur, not by embracing some “magic” crop or new formula, but rather through the incremental modification and transformation of our actions and habits. Collectively aligned, even the small changes we each make can add up to measurable improvements of our personal circumstances, as well as the Bigger Picture problems that currently vex us. I can think of nothing more inspiring, hopeful and delicious than legions of common citizens working together to grow local food for themselves and their neighbors, right in their own yards and neighborhoods.


Laughing Dog Farm


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