Letter: Answers for Erving

To the residents of Erving:

As you may or may not know, the “newly elected” Board os Selectmen has asked the current fire chief to step down from his position and reapply for the position along with other candidates, however, his reappointment is at the discretion of the selectmen. What are his chances there?

The board has decided to make these changes without an explanation to us, the residents and taxpayers of Erving. They should have let the residents of Erving know why they made this decision. They are supposed to be making decisions that are for the good of the town and this is NOT. The current chief is more than qualified and he has done a great job serving Erving as its fire chief as well as being a member of the Erving Fire Department for over 31 years. It seems that this is a transparent attempt to remove the chief because he is a “strong” chief and they want someone who will answer to only them as they want more control. It also appears that there is a question of a personal bias, not professional, but personal.

Regardless of the issues here, the point is that the Board of Selectmen should not be making decisions such as this without the taxpayers being informed and adding their input on such important matters. Why is the fire chief’s position being singled out for this new policy change and not the other departments in town, like the Police Department and the DPW? We are related to the current fire chief, but this goes beyond that, like fair play in town government. We should all question our selectmen and their motives.




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